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About the Author

Illustrator, Judith Kinney Tidrick

Judith Kinney Tidrick and her husband, Steve, are long-time residents of Beaverton, Oregon, where they raised their three children; Jason, Shane and Jessica. Currently, Judy is employed in Support Services for a middle school in the Beaverton School District. She also works with stained glass and mosaics, teaching mosaics at her middle school as well as two senior centers. Tiffany Turtle is her first venture into storybook illustration, something her deceased mother had always wanted her to try. She came to know the author through her friendship with his wife, Cheryl; a friendship that goes back to sixth grade when Judy’s family moved to Walla Walla, Washington. Judy has an Associates Degree in Commercial Art from Portland Community College, a Bachelors degree and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Washington State University. Although Judy loved printmaking, she turned to drawing with Prismacolor pencils because that medium fit better into the intermittent schedule of a busy family life. The Tiffany Turtle illustrations are mixed media: primarily Prismacolor pencil drawings with a little gouache, pastels, and India ink.


Author, Donald G. Vanderpool

Don was born and raised in Washington State. He began his love of vocabulary by reading the Sunday comics, following the narrator on the radio. A graduate of Wenatchee High School, Don furthered his education with a B.A. in Education from (then) Central Washington State College, teaching elementary grades for twenty-six years in Washington State’s scenic Columbia River gorge and, most recently, teaching elementary grades for ten years on the Northwest coast of Alaska above the Arctic Circle. Don currently lives with his wife, Cheryl, and two small dogs in central Washington State where he continues his love of vocabulary.